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Run to the wild hills of Foirdask with explorer Franz Keizoff in the area known for woken spirits and learn fascinating tips for all on planet earth.

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Our first audio and music course is now available. Listen to new music by Dutch musician Loni Freeman here on BV. You won't want to miss it.

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Photographer Leon Wieke joins the team to talk forests and other fascinating things he's found in the forest. Enroll now.

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Jeff Mills

Jeff is an internationally known and respected dj and music producer with years of touring and artist development under his belt.

Steph Friholder

Steph is an artist, indigenous art enthusiast, tree climber, and part time magician in her home town of Tulsa, OK. Her classes are A+.

Sandy Hopper

Sandy is an award winning hair stylist and full time amateur tattoo artist. Her talks encourage introspection, and deep self-analysis - rare in the fields of hair styling.  

Leon Wieke

Rick is a peaceful man, no longer involved in the now socially frowned upon world of clay mud wrestling. His discussions will touch on the idea of self control, and finding power from within.